Your First PI Planning

Your first PI Planning will be chaotic…believe it or not! This workshop will provide you the platform to simulate scenarios that would help increase knowledge that could help improve the chances of a lesser chaotic PI Planning.

Continuous Exploration with User Story Mappping

Applying User Story Mapping with SAFe’s Continuous Exploration. More often than not, new teams — even Agile Release Trains — jump straight into Feature and Story writing without even the slightest idea of the “Big Picture” and the “Backbones” making up the “Big Picture”. This workshop demystifies this irrational behavior of the newbies; and corrects this behavior!

Use Case Modeling and SAFe

Use Case Modeling is one of the most natural way of discovering features and stories. This workshop takes you through such discoveries. Also, Use Cases are natural test cases. In that light, one can write the test case even before the first code is written. Welcome to TDD and BDD both of which SAFe 4.6 recently advocated in the strongest sense as part of Team and Technical Agility competency.


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