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Clarence has a wide variety of knowledge and his suggestions and examples throughout the course was very valued. It's obvious Clarence has a deep history of training and facilitating course study. He would often add additional color to aid me in understanding.- Anonymous
Dan definitely enjoys what he does and has a passion for the content. Dan has an upbeat personality which creates a light and fun learning experience.- Anonymous
Pete also had real world experience that allowed a perspective different from the other trainers. Pete is a very thoughtful trainer and has a relaxed demeanor, paced perfectly for the content he was training.- Anonymous
Steve comes from a place of practical application which I appreciated. Steve is very passionate about certain aspects of the course which came through in his facilitation. The interaction as a group created very good conversation.- Anonymous
The 2 days class was engaging , fun and most importantly very informative. I have learnt so much more about SAFe and agile practices.- T.R.
The SSM certification class conducted by my instructor is very educative, interactive and insightful. He goes above and beyond the course work to provide participants with knowledge and skills that they can use to succeed in their role as a SAFe Scrum Master.”- R.N.
Clarence demonstrated expert knowledge of all SAFe materials. I dub him the ``Agilest and Scrum Master Guru``! He was able to reference the handbook, the website, additional tools, and documentation without hesitation! Clearly a master at his profession! Clarence's training and facilitation skills are superb and stylish! He was energetic, encouraging, and insightful; he backed it up with some of his real-life experiences which made it more relatable. He kept me engaged and focused!- Anonymous
Dan imparted his wealth of SAFe and Scrum Master knowledge plus examples of real-life experiences during this training. He is well versed in the content of the SAFe Scrum Master handbook, SAFe Tools, and other relevant references. His presentation DevOps ``uncomplicated`` my understanding of what part it plays in the agile mindset! Dan's fun approach (Referee shirt and whistle!) was a great homage to the ``Coaching`` aspects of a Scrum Master. He presented in such an enthusiastic way!- Anonymous
Pete exhibited a high level of intellect in the course content! Coupled with his experience and pro tips; he was able to make the content very practical and relevant to me! Pete's presentation style allowed opportunities for constructive Q&A and the ability to talk through real-life examples! He made it engaging and thought-provoking which all made for a really enjoyable and informative training!- Anonymous
Steve is an expert in delivering the ``How and Why`` the course content is a valuable tool. Imparting his expertise and vast knowledge of SAFe has sparked my journey in leading others in Agile Transformation and encouraged me to maximize my potential. Steve used his ``Coaching Hat`` to bring it all together! He is thoughtful in his delivery and showed great empathy toward my real-world scenarios. With the help of the practical hands-on sessions during the training, I feel well equipped with the available resources to tackle any challenge as a Scrum Master and Agile Leader.- Anonymous