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Trainers — From The Back Of the Room

A “Train from the Back of the Room” kind of Trainers. Students actively learning via the 4Cs: Connection, Concept, Concrete Practice, Conclusion. We believe that students learn best when: 1) the trainer talks less so that the students can learn more by giving the room and time to the students for active learning; 2) freely discovering things amongst themselves; 3) connecting and forming ideas using the “language” that they speak and metaphors that they know; 4) exchanging and exploring ideas and concepts; 5) presenting their ideas with concrete examples and practices; 6) making sense to all of it by concluding… to wrap up what has been learned.

SAFe Training and Certification

We are silver partners of Scaled Agile Inc (SAI) — the makers of SAFe. As such, we have unparalleled access to all and latest information on SAFe. Also, we have SAFe Program Consultants (SPC 4.6) with over 100 years of combined field experiences. With our experiences shared liberally during the training and our deep and up to date SAFe knowledge, our SAFe training provides you a unique, fun, high-quality and long lasting experience.

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Knowing and understanding are like night and day…not the same. To bridge this gap, we offer workshops, invaluable workshops either after each SAFe Training or on its own. Learn more…


Our Consulting Services Group are seasoned professionals and have the requisite depth of knowledge and breadth of applied experiences to help your organization transform.


Let’s have a conversation…we can help you discover the optimum solution; your own way and your own context.

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