Nov 06

Fast Short Strides

Make ‘em short strides… and make ‘em fast…

Foot in the air does not move you forward… only when foot has landed on the ground.

Short strides keep air-time shorter than long strides.

In SAFe, think of air-time as WIP (Work in Process). Keep WIP to a minimum by applying WIP Limit.

And start finishing … fast.

Think of ‘Foot has landed on the ground’ as ‘Value delivered’ …

Kublai Khan, whilst trying to conquer China, said: ‘there is no value of anything until it is finished’

He must complete what he has begun… conquer China… only then when his planned Value is realized.

So … same thing for ‘foot in the air’ … and ‘WIP’ … realize planned value soonest by shortening the air-time with fast short strides … realize value soonest by limiting WIP … and finishing ‘em WIP fast!

Remember: ‘there is no value of anything until it is finished’.

Too much air-time and WIP create waste… wasted time… delayed realization of value.

Keep ‘em fast short strides!

Keep ‘em stories small. Keep ‘em features small. Keep lead time short…

in fact, make and keep everything small and short!

Small is beautiful! Short is fast!

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