Oct 25

Vintage Lean Plus Agile — Better Together

I saw a very cool Volkswagen — it is not like the modern ones… it is antique-looking… vintage. I had to take photos of it…

This car reminded me of Lean… Classic Lean…not the Lean-Six Sigma thingy… but the Lean that came up after World War II.

Just like this car, Classic Lean is timeless… I love it!

Now… pair Lean with Agile… you get an awesome duo: Lean Agile… these two are better together!

SAFe 6.0 likes this duo… hence they named their 10 SAFe principles as “10 SAFe Lean Agile Principles”.

Do you think that your initiatives will be a success by just being Agile? Without Lean? I highly doubt it.

You have got to be both Efficient (Lean — without waste) and Effective. (Agile — building the right thing at the right time).

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