Sep 18

Planning Is Essential

My wife is great at planning — very intentional when she is designing our trips. However, she is also amenable to emergent things. That’s the balance we need in every trip: balance the intentional and the emergent things.

Fundamentally, on all our trips, we keep planning and re-planning (due to emergent things) and adjusting with our eyes fixed on our objectives.

Today’s objectives:

  • Photoshoot by the Opera House — yes, our daughter, Lily, is an accomplished classical ballet level 5 dancer
  • The Rocks
  • Ken Done Art Gallery at The Rocks
  • Shopping

Objectives. achieved!

And we added things unplanned for — emergent things:

  • Pavlova
  • Afternoon Tea at The Rocks
  • Chinatown
  • Paddy’s Market
  • Sydney Piecafe… again…this time, at night… we ordered 4 pies to go!

What a day and night with lots of happenings!

Key Idea: Planning is essential in SAFe (and in life!) — it is the key to success. There will be intentional items in the plan… but adaptive to cater for emergent items efficiently and effectively along the way  — this is the agility that we need in life and in business.

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