Aug 27

Oops… Our Carry-on Baggage!

First emergent scenario — unplanned: our hand-carries were “taken away” from us!

The first leg of our flight is from Charlotte to Atlanta. A typical domestic route.

It is a relatively small plane.

When we were about to enter the plane, we were informed that the stowaway overhead cabins were already full, and our carry-on baggage would have to be checked in. “No worries” they said… and they promptly labelled it as checked in. No sweat on their side.

Little did we know that the next time we see our carry-on baggage will be in Manila!

Although we are on a domestic flight, we and our baggage are labelled as “International Flight”. Any checked-in baggage at the gate is to be collected at the final destination — in our case, Manila.

The airline’s people at the gate did not tell us! We thought (more of assumed) that we would collect it at the airport gate in Atlanta.

We had those as carry-ons for a reason. For me, my medicines are in my carry-on! I was sweating.

I should have had those medicines in my computer bag.

Key Idea:

  • Do not assume. Ask clarifying question!
  • Keep important things closest to you as if your life depends on it. Rank things in terms of importance. The most important one must be attended to first when push comes to shove. You see this “Ranking” by importance during PI Planning’s assignment of score to each team PI Objective (score is between 1 and 10, 10 being the most important). We do this ranking so that when push comes to shove (i.e., Work In Process limit (WIP) is incredibly low), the most important ones will be attended to first. We invest our major time in major things.

My succeeding posts are about my family’s travel to the Philippines and Australia… and we are taking SAFe and the Lean Agile Way of Working/Living with us… and see how others outside of the USA are doing with the Lean Agile Way of Working/Living. Each post will have a Key Idea for you to ponder upon if you wish.

There are many other ideas like this — short but sweet ideas —  in my new book, ‘SAFe (6.0) Is like …’ . It is available on Amazon… and it has reached ‘# 1 New Release’ several times! Check it out.

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