Jul 11

SAFe Is Like a Broadway Show

Does this ‘look’ like your Agile Release Train (ART)?
Does this ‘feel’ like your Agile Release Train (ART)?
Your ART Station?

If you answered, ‘Yes!’, then help transform your ART from a Mickey Mouse Train to a real Agile Release Train.

How? By being better, wiser, and stronger in your role in the ART.

Know your role, what is expected of that role, and do it well. Do not wing it. Do not fly by the seat of your pants.

Can you imagine paying around $150 ticket for a Broadway Show wherein the performers are winging it? Did not train for their roles, did not prepare for the show and did not rehearse way before the performance? You want your money back… right?! You did not get the value you’ve paid for.

The same is true in your enterprise. Your company is investing a lot of money on a certain initiative for a certain valuable outcome… and you and your ART are winging it? Flying by the seat of your pants? Always in a chaotic mode? Everyone knows what his/her role is but no one truly understands what his/her role is, no proper preparation, no meaningful planning… and your company expects great delivery of value at the end? Does not ‘add-up’, right?

SAFe is like a Broadway Show. A professional Broadway Show.

Do not ‘wing it’!

You can help stop this ‘winging it’ madness…today.

Take SAFe courses/classes/trainings.

Take our SAFe classes this July with best value and one-time-offer price you’ll never see matched anywhere else in the world;

$399 — SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) this July 15th.

$445 — SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager (PO/PM) this July 22nd.

Get enrolled in a SAFe course…. seriously… get it for you and your whole ART.

SAFe courses are role-based.

Meaning, if you are a Scrum Master or a Team Coach ( this covers Kanban) … then take the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) course.

By the way, an SSM is not your typical Scrum Master… s/he can scale up the role from team to ART and vice-versa.

Likewise, if you are a product owner (PO) or product manager (PM), then take the SAFe PO/PM course.

Don’t get trained by just anybody. Get it from the best.

The Lean Agile Guru is one of the top SAFe instructors/trainer in the world.

The Lean Agile Guru is experienced … he has been to where you are going … let him be your companion — your Sherpa, if you will — on your journey. Click here to know more about the Lean Agile Guru.

Click here to read: What our students think.

Click here to see: Where our students are from.

He blogs about Lean Agile ideas worth spreading … click here for his — over 870— short but sweet blog posts.

Get Experiential Learnings from the Lean Agile Guru himself — join our SAFe Classes! We have great offerings (great value, price, free autographed book, and more) this July:

$399 — SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) this July 15th.

$445 — SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager (PO/PM) this July 22nd.

Every student will get, for FREE, an autographed copy of the Lean Agile Guru’s new book, ‘SAFe (6.0) Is like …’ … which is available on Amazon… it has reached ‘# 1 New Release’ several times!

Don’t wing it. Be SAFe.

Be better, wiser, and stronger.


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