Apr 05

Accelerate Flow — With Fast Feedback

Sometimes, a Product Owner is the source of waste.

How so?

Suppose, the Agile team is waiting for a feedback from a Product Owner vis-a-vis a story that the Agile Team has demonstrated two days ago.

It is now a week passed since the demo. A week and two days later, the Product Owner provides the awaited feedback…and it was not good… there were things that must be remediated for that story before it can be accepted  (the next step in the flow) by the Product Owner.

The Agile Team waited for 1 week and 2 days!

Suppose, instead, the Product Owner has provided the feedback in an instant, after the demo.  The time it takes to deliver the story would be shorter than the earlier scenario. The Lead Time is shorter. We want to deliver value at the shortest sustainable Lead Time.

Therefore, Accelerate Flow!

Accelerate Flow — with Fast Feedback! Fast Feedback is a Flow Accelerator.

Do not engage in the waiting game. “Waiting” is one of the eight sources of wastes in the “Lean Agile Software Factory”. Eliminate or reduce this.

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