Apr 03

SAFe Is Like… A Broadway Show

Yesterday, my wife and I watched ‘Beetlejuice, the Musical’… a Broadway Show.

The cast and crew’s performance was impressive.

One can tell immediately that the cast and crew had prepared and rehearsed long enough… for this spectacular and impressive performance. No one was winging it… no one was flying by the seat of their pants.

We, the audience, were clapping with gusto when the cast bowed out. It was a really well-delivered performance!

I keep saying to people I train, teach and coach, this: ‘SAFe is like a Broadway Show’. I even wrote a book with that quote in it. My book is titled ‘SAFe Is Like…’

So… my message to you, fellow SAFe Practitioner, is this: be like the Broadway Show cast and crew: Prepare, Rehearse, and Perform spectacularly… and know your Role very well, what’s Expected of that role, then Do it well (acronym is RED… for easy recall).

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