Apr 02

Flow Thinking

Flow Thinking is a mindset…just like Lean Thinking is a mindset.

Flow is especially important to Business Agility.

Therefore, always measure flow, otherwise it cannot be improved. Continuous improvement of flow is also a mindset.

Business Agility is determined by three measures: flow, outcome and competency.

Lackluster results on these three measures means that the organization’s Business Agility is lackluster.

These three measures also apply to Teams, ARTs, Solution Trains.

Example, for Team Agility: measure the team’s Flow, Team’s Outcome, Team’s ‘Team and Technical Agility’ competency.

There are four competencies that critical to establishing flow:

  • Team and Technical Agility, for Team Flow
  • Agile Product Delivery, for ART Flow
  • Enterprise Solution Delivery, for Solution Train Flow
  • Lean Portfolio Management, for Portfolio Flow

Having a Flow Thinking mindset — and it being part of the organization’s culture — is paramount to Business Agility.

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