Mar 22

Organizational Courage

I find Agile practice the MOST rewarding when I support organizations who KNOW they want to improve and are HUNGRY to understand the journey they must travel. Perhaps they have WON before. And they are successful NOW. They are excited and positive about their future and their possibilities for success.

Many other organizations understand, in principle, they will be asked to change SOMEDAY. But no one can PROVE to them TODAY is the right day to CHANGE.

What holds them back? Lack of Organizational Courage.

Organizations with Courage:

  • Believe they possess vulnerabilities
  • Possess openness and motivation to ask for help, from within or from the outside
  • Are so willing to improve, they are even willing to fail at first, for the opportunity to chart, learn, and master their new course


Within the Agile Community we consider the Fast-Fail as an important rite of passage and we advocate and coach for courage to fail early, learn from our hypotheses, correct and Just Do it again!

How can we help you cultivate your Organizational Courage?


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